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Digital Simulation


Macrocosm that is which larger than me that puts the field of astronomy after physics. We discover the universe is finite. That which had a beginning that is what led to the speculation cluster of called big bang theory. If we go another way call microcosm things that are smaller than us that lead you in the field of subatomic particles and there that even more shocking that there is a limit to even to smallness. That is a bizarre example if I have string cut into half take what’s half and cut it if you think that I can cut it forever what is called quantum physics. We discover to our amazement that there is a distance from 10th to the minus 35 cm.if you try to  cut it half you think lose sit is a property called locality;it suddenly becomes everywhere one time it is so bizarre

Some of the early discoveries suicided. Could not handle the implications of it. Coding of scientific American Fickle Physics June 2005  Fickle physics  “The law of nature may change”

Do the inner workings of nature change with time? Our reality is a shadow of Lager’s reality.  Because if it is finite in smallness and it is finite in largeness then the thing that we experience as physical reality is a subset of a shadow of a larger reality. We are dealing here with hyperspaces. Spaces more than three .whether it is lengthened, Mass, energy or time; they all made up of indivisible units even cannot divide. Like Pixel so to speak. That is shocking. That means that is the universe that is we are in is a digital simulation. It feels like we are living in a digital simulation Because we cannot really get out from this universe. we have no idea what it looks like to unplug from this reality ..We reached a point what everything is connected .that becomes the dominant state that we are in. We won’t even call digital.We just call the world around us.

Lecture by DR.Chuck Missler -(My Lecture notes)