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Activating Strategic Prayer for Sri Lanka and its Leaders

Center for nation’s revival association (CFNRA)

Our response to COVID-19

India and Sri Lanka’s health and hunger are our utmost concern. Right now we are living in a remarkable time in history and YOU have the chance to make a difference.


You have the chance to influence history.


We are actively seeking ministry partners inside and outside of our current network of churches across Sri Lanka, India and north America who are providing humanitarian and financial aid to those in need. Your donation of any size will allow us to combat this virus and keep our nation strong! Click the button below for more information on giving and partnering with us.

Helping Children

We provide healthy meals, clothing and educational needs to the children who are lacking basic needs to enable them to be strong and healthy. They are the future of the nation.


Our Strategy


Intercession, We are interceding 24/7 for the nation of Sri Lanka while watching what is happening globally and around the world, protecting Sri Lanka. Since 2015 NHOPSL, a 24/7, 365-day House of Prayer has been going in North York (Toronto City), the mission of these intercessors and worshipers is to establish 4 Houses of Prayer in Sri Lanka North, Southeast and west. Indrani Wikkramatilleke designed a model for prayer called Tabernacle of David which combines worship and Prophetic intercession.


Reconciliation, facilitate opportunities for reconciliation and justice through conversation and strategic action, and answer current events from a biblical perspective.


Education, through student internships, National Christianity history tours and civil service training.


Influence, by creating opportunities for dialogue and spiritual counsel regarding our greatest challenges. This includes the co-creation of strategies and initiatives addressing challenges with compassion, civility, and attention to diversity.

What is the Seven Mountain Mandate?

The 7 Mountain mandate is to bring Godly change to a nation by reaching its seven spheres, or mountains, of societal influence. In order to truly transform any nation with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, these seven facets of society must be reached:

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Center for Nation’s Revival Association together with our team is working relentlessly to impact the 7 spheres in the nation of Sri Lanka and other nations. As one of our initiatives is to help local farmers cultivate community farms in order that they can be self- sufficient as well as not depend on supply chain alone but have means to support and make a living for themselves in any emergency or pandemic situations.


Indrani (President of NHOPSL. Inc.) was on a mission trip to Sri Lanka in October 2019 for a period of 6 months, however, she could not return to her home in Toronto due to an unexpected global pandemic. Then she saw the need in the rural society as well as in the urban part of Sri Lanka – hunger was all across the Sri Lankan society!
She visited some of the Catholic nuns and other religious places in Sri Lanka during this pandemic, getting the essential service permission from the government of Sri Lanka and started to distribute food like fruits, vegetables and dry ration to the needy. Our ministry team in India also did the same thing, distributing groceries to families, making an impact in Andhra Pradesh, India with the help of Pastor Ranjit Ravela. We were able to feed more than 2000 people!
In this journey with debilitating hunger among the Sri Lankan and Indian people, Indrani was led to launch the Community Kitchen and Community Farms program during the pandemic, where the need and demand was great, she launched first the Catholic nuns farmland development in Sri Lanka and then worked in other areas to develop the Community farms with the help of her team in India and Zimbabwe

Community farms

What is Community Farming?

In the Community Farms Program, a nonprofit community group is responsible for the overall management of what happens on the land, rather than a private individual. The community group is made up of people willing to take responsibility for fulfilling the farm’s vision and mandate. It governs all land use agreements with the farmers and the landowners (if a land trust or government). In the Community Farms Program, the community group is requested to incorporate as either a nonprofit cooperative or a nonprofit society.

Role of CFNRA (Reg. Non Profit in Sri Lanka) in the Community Farms Program

CFNRA promotes, establishes and supports the Community Farming program, where people who care about protecting farmland and healthy, local food come together to build and support community farms in their neighborhoods. CFNRA team and volunteers assist in establishing the community groups that want to participate in the farming program, some want to farm and value the collaborative approach of the community farm model, and others simply wish to enjoy fresh, healthy food, or visit a farm.

Community farming offers many benefits especially during these times of the pandemic and lock down where farmers who want to practice sustainable agriculture and supply fresh produce to communities who want fresh, healthy, locally-produced food. CFNRA promotes self-sufficiency and self-employment to local communities where people who have lost jobs can create income through this model. By supporting community farms, local communities can invest directly in their food system, secure farmland for the future, help create sources of healthy, locally-produced food, and enjoy social, economic, environmental, and agricultural benefits. People who want to farm sustainably on a small scale are investing in community farming


Rescuing girls from sex traffickers

Hundreds of girls are being abducted and sold as sex slaves in India, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, Philippines and Mongolia. NHOPSL and CFNRA work with rescue workers in these communities to rescue and provide a safe place to the girls involved. We help them with food, clothing, healthcare and provide them with basic education and counseling services to enable them to get back on their feet.

Partnering together is truly vital in making an impact


Join our National Revival Prayer Network


We, the undersigned, pledge to pray for our nation and the work of the Center For Nation’s Revival Association, a Christian interdenominational, non-partisan organization which seeks to catalyze ideas and influencers for the work of national revival, humanitarian initiatives, and common good. I pledge to join with thousands of others in praying daily for the nations.