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Activating Strategic Prayer for Sri Lanka and its Leaders

The Watchman

In contrast, Sri Lanka was becoming unrighteous . This reminds me of something said by David Demian, Director of Watchmen for the Nations: You get the government you pray for. The key to restoring godliness in our land is to pray for all those in authority, and so we begin walking out the process of establishing a prayer house for our nation. in 2016 Amy moved to Sri Jayawardenapura kotte to being establishing the National house of prayer, and to mobilize informed, focused, and sustained prayer for Sri Lanka and its leaders, Sri Jayawardenapura kotte is Sri Lanka administrative capital city , the gateway to the rest of the nation.

By Establishing the national house of prayer in Sri Jayawardena pura Kotte we are able to pray on-site with insight Isaiah 63:6, 7, 60:11.We attempt to do this by having an ongoing presence of praying people in the halls of our central Government, intercessors attend the daily questions period sit in parliament sessions positions themselves in committee meetings and make appointments with individual parliamentarians.


We intercede in the official prayer chapel prayer walks the grounds of Sri Jayawardena Pura kotte visit the Supreme Court and the governor-general residence and pray with Christian groups from many different departments of national governments Because we believe in informed intercession we research and stay up to date with the current issues facing our leaders then provide this insight to thousands of intercessors through regular emails newsletters networking with many prayer movements in Sri Lanka is one of our greatest joy as we see coordinated prayer being released through city-wide prayer

Visiting teams from across Sri Lanka are hosted for week at a time. Just minutes south of Parliament .while others join community for six months or one-year intensive experiences. NHOPSL operates five full days a week with teaching, training é and 7days a week community kitchen for the street people and prayer. Third Friday there is a night watch from 7 pm to 3 am ( open to other ministries and intercessors) The leadership travel throughout Sri Lanka building community farm and community kitchen while sharing the Love of the father teaching weekends schools of prayer or week-long National schools of Intercession.

About the Founder

Dr. Indrani (Amy) Hema Rodrigo Wikkramatilleke is the Founder and President of NHOPSL Inc. Hema is originally from Negambo, Sri Lanka but studied in Kandy and served in the agriculture field. She was a farm animal Veterinary surgeon. She received a Millennium Award for Farm Animal Medicine and surgery from Japan-Sri Lanka Veterinary Medical Association in 1999. She is the first South Asian female who won this award! In 2012 she founded the Affordable Autism Solution Inc. in Ontario, Canada and in 2016 she partnered with Nadya Merchant Lakhani, a real estate broker in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The revenues of their business go to support the poorest among the poverty-stricken countries.

She heard the call of God to establish a 24/7 Prayer House in Sri Lanka on May 19, 2009. That was on the anniversary day which the Ethnic war in Sri Lanka came to an end 30 years ago. After several years of sharing the vision with other church leaders in Canada, America, Israel, Sri Lanka and India, she lead a silent 8 days Prayer walk in 2016 with her team in the highest point in Sri Lanka. This took place after they stayed 10 days in the upper room in Jerusalem. Together with her NHOPSL team, Hema has delivered the good news of Jesus to more than 5000 individuals over 8 Nations. Over the last four years, NHOPSL has provided support and resources to Christians in various countries including India, Australia, the USA, Switzerland Zimbabwe, and Canada.

Hema studied the Bible for the last 15 years and completed the biblical studies in Koinonia Institute (Dr. Chuck Missler). She is an Ordained ‘Evangelist’ by Reinhard Bonnke, Christ for all nations (CFAN), Florida, USA. She is certified in Toronto Blessing Revival Church (Catch the Fire, Toronto) School of Ministry Certification and represents Sri Lanka at the All Nation House of Prayer, Jerusalem (JHOPFAN) as a ‘Watchman’ and ‘Business Leader’ in North America and Sri Lanka. She was nominated in Washington Dc in 2018 as a ‘Stateswoman Evangelist’ at the North American Business Leaders’ Forum

Our Team

Ian Clive Wikkramatilleke

Travel Assistant to President

Kennedy Phiri

Fabrication Engineer,


Nadya Merchant Lakhani

Real Estate Broker, Toronto,

Volunteer, NHOPSL Inc

Our Position

Sown into

  • Lance Wallnau Learning
  • Christ For All Nations
  • Sid Roth, It’s Supernatural
  • Kenneth Copeland Ministries
  • Koinonia House
  • Christ Embassy
  • Rev. Ike
  • Complete In Christ


  • Catch the Fire Church Toronto, Airport

Ministries Represented

  • Represent Sri Lanka at Jerusalem House of Prayer for All Nations and Canada Christian College (CCC)
  • Toronto House Of Prayer
  • The Messianic Prophesy Bible Project
  • Pastor Ranjit Ravela ministries, India
  • Represent Srilanka at the Jerusalem house of prayer for all nations
  • Canada christian college
  • Kebar Ministries Vavuniya and India
  • Prayer Bretheren Preston Lindula Srilanka
  • Athurugiriya Pentecostal church
  • Nuawara Eliya tea estate ministries

Minister to

  • Followers Mission, Sherbourne St., Toronto

Ministry Partners

  • CES Inc,
  • Rosarian Convent, India & Sri Lanka
  • Royal LePage Vision Realty

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